Dancing Screen: light, motion and renewable energy

The Dancing Screens by Eleonora Nicoletti are experiments of dynamic architectural surfaces designed to shade, divide indoor or outdoor spaces and illuminate them at night while generating directly usable energy. An example is currently exhibited in the courtyard of The H Hotel in Midland (Michigan), as part of the festival Fall In… Art and Sol until the end of October. Almost as thin and lightweight as paper, the Dancing Screen installed in Michigan is composed of flexible modules with integrated thin film solar panels. The modules resemble hybrid dancing creatures that constantly move in a choreography created by the wind. They emit light in the dark with no need of electric power, while the energy harvested from the sun is directly used by passers-by: in fact, the Dancing Screen is designed for them to plug their electronic devices in the base and charge them. The possibility of harvesting energy from the motion as well is currently being studied. The Dancing Screen does not only mirror its author’s background in both architecture and dance, as it continuously reconfigures space and stimulates people’s senses with its motion: it also donates energy, and therefore it shows the possibility of an urban environment offering people free renewable energy in public spaces.

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