Dodecado-the revolutionary LED light sculpture

Dodecado is a building block of LED light that allows you to design your own light sculptures in your living space. Its magnetic properties allow you to stick it onto any side of another Dodecado or any other magnetic surface. Each pentagonal side of the Dodecado allows for versatility when fashioning your light sculpture. Dodecado lights up as you stack in any direction. It is powered by 1Watt LED and its diffusive optical property allows for uniform light distribution, making it the perfect gadget for decorative purposes within the home and for functional purposes as a working lamp. Dodecado also comes with a rechargeable battery-powered option - DodecadoPlus, which can be used as a single unit or as part of a mounted sculpture of Dodecados. It can be used independently of the PowerDeck as a portable unit for outdoor activities, as a bedside light or a desk lamp, and in case of a power outage.


Materialized by

Imtiaz Baqui

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