Visionnaire: Fine Writing Instruments

This fountain pen was conceived for the writer, the designer, the entrepreneur, and the minimalist. It was designed for those who are passionate, creative, and aspiring. It is a fine writing instrument designed for the Visionnaire. It is not just a tool for communication but rather an instrument that aids the expression of the creative mind. It embodies soul and character. The design was not for the object itself but for who and what it represents. The moment you pick it up, theres a subtle and distinct feeling. It is cool to the touch and has weight. You recognize it, you feel it, there's depth, and there's a connection between yourself and the instrument. Not only does a pen have the basic foundation of communicating your message, it can define your goals and dreams. As simple as it is, a pen can bind an agreement or even a lifelong commitment. When in use, it should be an experience and it should capture that moment in history. • Minimalistic and timeless design • Iridium Point Germany precision nib (round medium nib with Iridium-alloy point) • Environmentally friendly re-fillable converter (allowing you not to use disposable cartridges if preferred) • Re-fillable converter compatible with any ink color & most popular brands • Accepts standard international long or short cartridges • Two additional ink cartridges • Weighs 34 grams (with ink full) • Chrome plated and obsidian lacquer finish with chrome accents • Visionnaire pen sleeve • Lifetime Warranty


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