THUMBTACK LP - the world's smallest landscape light

THUMBTACK LP - a tiny-aperture landscape LED luminaire for installation in earth, mulch, grass or hardscape. Fixture diameter is smaller than an American dime. Powered by standard, readily-available 12 volt DC (constant voltage), 1PUCK LP consumes only 1 watt, yet has a powerful 12-14-foot beam throw. The fixture is made of black nylon and titanium. THUMBTACK LP retails at $100 USD for single-aperture models, and $150 for dual-aperture models. More information about THUMBTACK LP can be found at: An HD video of THUMBTACK LP: THUMBTACK LP is designed to run, flicker-free and error-free, on standard 12-volt DC constant voltage power. No LED drivers required. Can even operate on discarded electronic waste, such as old cellphone chargers and laptop power bricks.


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