EDITION29 HOUSED 006 for iPad

Issue 006 of EDITION29 HOUSED features modern dwellings and the voices of the architects who designed them from Chile, Brazil, The Netherlands, to the small and minimal Desert House in Palm Springs, California by architect Jim Jennings. A unique building here is the Bridge House by Dutch Studio 123DV, set on a large acreage of flat green grass meadow in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. This long rectangular structure sits elevated over the flat land straddling two man made mounds of earth with a built space underneath. This villa is designed and built for sustainability such that it can go off the grid without losing the energy supply. Other sustainable features include a private well for water, solar panels, floor heating via thermal energy storage, rainwater reuse and heated mirror glass among other sustainable and energy efficient fittings. The cover photograph of this Issue is of the Desert House in Palm Springs photographed by Joe Fletcher.

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