Zigzag at The METRO Show

Besides the broad array of enticing objects offered by more than three-dozen select galleries at the 2013 METRO Show, which opens for a five-day run on January 23, visitors will be greeted by Zigzag, an impossible-to-miss architectural tour de force, designed by Igor Siddiqui and Deborah Schneiderman, of ISSSStudio+deSc, who teamed up for the METRO Show. Starting at the Metropolitan Pavilion’s front entrance, fair-goers will encounter a continuous zigzag wall, nearly 100-feet long with heights ranging from 4 to 12 feet high, that extends right up to the entrance of the exhibition hall. Clad on one side with a digitally-generated graphic blue-gray custom-designed wall paper with white and fluorescent overtones, and painted a brilliant red on the other, the wall visually references the exhibition’s diverse content. Says Siddiqui: “The wall uses the rules of perspective to playfully engage visitors by offering an ever-changing visual experience based on movements and point of views. While the installation’s form and graphics are abstract in nature and decidedly contemporary, our inspiration comes from the diversity of the show’s content and our desire to provide a dynamic aesthetic experience that is uniquely perceived by each visitor.” Twisting, turning, moving side to side, the zigzag wall runs in an unpredictable pattern, symbolizing the unpredictable path that each fair-goer can follow. Beyond the entrance installation, there is always a surprising rendezvous awaiting around every bend.

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