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Brinca Dada "Kaleidos Blocks" by Karen Hewitt

Kaleidos from Brinca Dada is one of five new "Colortoys" that allow children to discover how color works as they construct with notched units and 42 different colors, that allow for various combinations of hue, value, and intensity—the basic attributes of color. The building design possibilities are expanded since color appears on five sides and natural wood grain on the sixth. Kaleidos was designed by renowned artist and early childhood education expert, Karen Hewitt of Learning Materials Workshop. Previously only available to schools and other educational institutions, Kaleidos is now available to the public through a partnership with Brinca Dada. It is an open-ended toy whose only boundaries are a child's imagination...which is to say, limitless. Materials: Beechwood and non-toxic, lead-free paints.


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