Azerbaijan Tower Set To Become Tallest Building

After the famous Burj Khalifa (828 meters high)from Dubai,the Kingdom Tower(1,000 meters high) at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,to be completed in 2016 was considered as the tallest building. Haji Ibrahim Nehramli,President of the Avesta Group of Companies plans to begin to build the Azerbaijan Tower on one of a group of 41 artificial islands in the Caspian Sea,SW of the country’s capitol city, Baku. Azerbaijan Tower will be 1,050 meters high and will feature 189 floors,making it some 200 meters taller than the Burj Khalifa and 50 meters than the Kingdom Tower.The Empire State Building stands just 455 meters high. The tower would cost $2 Billion and will be the centerpiece of a the $100 Billion Khazar Islands development project.In the first phase residential building,social and cultural centers,restaurants, shopping malls,universities,schools,parks,hospitals and a Formula 1 quality racetrack will come up. All construction is planned to withstand earthquakes up to magnitude of 9.0. The floating metropolis will act as a new center for business and commerce. The construction of this stunning skyscraper would be part of the second phase and would be expected to begin in 2016 and finish in 2018-2019. Enjoy the video and pictures.


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