The cover to the Issue 003 of EDITION29 HOUSED is the WHITE GROUNDS PENTHOUSE by Guarnieri Architects, built on top of an old commercial warehouse like building neighboring the Tower of London and the SHARD. This stunning angular glass enclosed addition fits in geometrically to the existing structure while adding a modern but hidden crown to this much older structure. For this Issue on Modern London dwellings, the story of the Hidden London came to the forefront. Most of the modern residential designs that are being brought to life in the city are additions to Victorian homes that have long existed in the city. The rarity of raw land to build on, have architects finding leftover spaces between existing buildings that overshadow the new developments, thus many of the amazing modern residential structures being built are hidden from plain view, with their dislocation from the main roads. With additions in the back yards of older buildings, they turn their modernity inward thus hiding from plain view.


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