Renovation of 5 Star Hotel d'Inghilterra in Rome

Art director and chief of renewal projects and Interior design of Hotel d'Inghilterra, as well for entire group Royal Demeure, is Countess Cristina Gotti Lega, mother of the founder of the group, Luigi De Simone Niquesa. Thanks to the great artistic sensitivity and aesthetics of the Countess, Hotel d'Inghilterra is experiencing an exciting period of rebirth, while keeping unchanged character, style and atmosphere. The recent works in 2° floor and ground floor were guided and followed by two brilliant young architects, Alessandro Pasini and Tomaso Piantini, partners of arcHITects srl. The first, which is specialized in acoustics and new technologies, he focuses on the technical-performance features of the projects, his professional and research's carer is devolved in finding the perfect equilibrium between "music-architecture-emotion-technique". The second, which is specialized in new materials and new technologies, his main focus is from one side the architectural design and on the other side on R&D, management and coordination of projects. The ecological aspects and sustainability are falling within his main interests.


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