Crop Circle Towel by Anatoliy Omelchenko

Crop circles are inexplicable, curious wonders. Whether these giant formations are the work of media-savvy farmers or media-shy extraterrestrials, these mysterious towels make the perfect gift, household decoration, bath or beach towel. The unique crop-circle designs make drying yourself off quick and easy, while adding an artistic touch to any home. Researchers into the paranormal have related crop circles to the hypothesis that the Earth is actually alive, the circles being messages from it, provoked by human deeds, such as global warming and pollution. By using this eco-friendly towel, made of 100% carded-cotton jacquard terry, you will be sending a respectful response to a memo delivered by Earth herself. Inspired by the growing green movement, these fluffy Crop Circle Towels come in three different shades of green, representing three different types of grains growing in fields.


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