SANDWORM by Marco Casagrande

Sandworm by Finnish environmental artist and architect Marco Casagrande is an organic structure/space/creature realized on the dunes of the Wenduine coastline, Belgium. The 45 meters long and 10 m wide and high installation moves freely in-between architecture and environmental art and is constructed entirely out of willow following the local knowledge of working with sand and willow. Casagrande worked hard with his team of young architects and local experts for 4 weeks in order to create something that he describes as 「weak architecture」 – a human made structure that wishes to become part of nature through flexibility and organic presence. The visitors are describing the Sandworm as a willow cathedral finely tuned to celebrate the site specific conditions of the Wenduine tidal beaches. The space is used for picnics, relaxation and post industrial meditation. Commission by Beaufort04 the fourth edition of the Triennial of Contemporary Art by the Sea in 2012.


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