3 Vintage Hmong Tribe Baby Hats from Relique

Set of three intricately woven and beaded vintage baby hats from the Hmong tribe in northern Vietnam. Hmong hat styles vary greatly, but usually blend in with the mother's clothes. The Yao mothers create caps of different styles for their sons and daughters; a girl's cap is embroidered, gathered at the top and tied with a string. A boy's cap is pieced together. The babies are carried in comfortable cloth baby carriers and become an extension of the person carrying them. Their hats are very decorative, with patterns that offer symbolic protection against evil spirits, who are confused by the bright fabrics, threads, beads and bells and mistake the baby's head for a flower. These antique Hmong baby hats are displayed on a reclaimed wire stands, included. Each is 5" diameter x 15"h. From Relique.

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