Shipping Container Architecture, Decameron by Studio MK27

The bright and vibrant culture of Sao Paulo, Brazil is beautifully represented within the design of “Decameron” by Studio MK27. This retail store was the financial solution to their budget with its makeup containing two rows of stacked shipping containers serving as the display for the shop. A collection of large translucent sliding doors expose the colorful hues of the external surface whenever opened. The narrow hallways are lined with products within the limited dimensions of the containers. Comfort is offered to guests from an assortment of furniture placed in the confines of the clear structure to allow them to experience the company’s products. Tranquility embraces the boundaries of the rear with its courtyard garden of planted palm trees and pebble ground cover. A majestic glow from the polycarbonate panels highlight the interior at night revealing shadows of people walking around inside. Check out more examples of shipping container architecture here.


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