Cantina Icario, Italian Winery

The architectural complex that houses the Cantina Icario immersed in the Tuscan hills of Val d’Orcia is the result of a major renovation and expansion of the original building designed by to two different architectural firms, Studio Valle for the outside and Studio Guido Ciompi for the interior. The Win­ery is orga­nized in four aus­tere, geo­met­ric units built with solid stone walls and light­wells that let in abun­dant nat­ural light from above. The four stone vol­umes, rep­re­sent­ing the four ele­ments, are strik­ing and yet man­age to emerge unob­tru­sively from the soft slope of the hill­side. The com­plex houses offices and areas for fer­men­ta­tion, aging, bot­tling and stor­age, but also ample recep­tion areas for tast­ing and for the cul­tural events close to the hearts of the Cec­chetti broth­ers, Roman own­ers of the win­ery and art lovers.


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