House in Strekov by 3+1 Architekti

Located on the outskirts of Strekov, Czech Republic, a tenuous mixture of cabins, permanent housing, temporary housing and cottages integrate within the free landscape in the area. The remarkable residence by 3 + 1 Architekti (Pavel Plánička, Matěj Páral, Bruno Panenka) called 'House in Strekov' is unique in its essence as it has an exquisite array of apple trees, plums and cherries in a grown orchard, a long steep garden and an amazing view of the city in a valley below. The erect terrain is mimicked by the vertically shifted parts of the house bringing in a visual and physical perception of the surrounding garden. This structure wonderfully absorbs the beauty of the landscape as the wood used within the construction creates a natural link between the garden, orchard and the home.


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