Morcheeba featured in Edition29 THE NEW Issue 002

The cover of Edition29 THE NEW Issue 002 features lead vocalist SKYE and band co-founder Ross from the British band Morcheeba. In 1998 Morcheeba announced their entrance into the stratospheric heights of the musical realm with the hit tune THE SEA from their album THE CALM. 2003 saw the breakup of their group. Seven years later in 2010 they reunited with lead vocalist SKYE rejoining the Godfrey Brothers Paul and Ross to bring back the original magic that had cast a spell just a decade or so before. In the late spring of 2011, Morcheeba made it back to play once again in Los Angeles. Morcheeba let our team follow them for that one day in Los Angeles, from the moment the tour bus made its early morning stop in LA to the minute that evening when they walked on to the stage of the Music Box Theatre.


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