London’s Bike-Lane ‘Superhighways’ Proven to be a Success

The city of London just announced that bike traffic is up 70% on two major thoroughfares in London proper and they are crediting it all to the opening of two bike superhighways last July. The superhighways were meant to entice people to jump on their bikes instead of in their cars by making safe, direct and simple to follow cycling routes from outer neighborhoods into the heart of the city. The two open superhighways are just the beginning, 10 more will be installed in the coming years. Of the city’s big plan to help cut their annoying traffic and unhealthy emissions problems by installing a vast an easy to navigate cycling infrastructure. Watch a video about how Londoners feel about the routes after the jump. New York and Los Angeles are working on setting up biking networks, widening traffic corridors, and adding more lanes. London’s new bicycle superhighway network has 12 planned routes in all, but the first two are ready as of today. The first route, labeled CS7, starts in Colliers Wood, a London suburb, and travels 8.5 miles to the city center along a busy commuter route, while the second one runs from Barking, in east London, to Tower Gateway.


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