Rizk Auto RA DBR2

Classic cars have their undeniable appeal, but they can't rival a modern automobile for technological superiority. But once in a while, a unique creation comes along that takes the best of both worlds and melds them together into one beautiful, advanced machine. Here we are, about unveiling the perfect embodiment of style and function called RA DBR2 by Rizk Auto. The RA DBR2 is built around a state-of-the-art carbon-fiber tub and aluminum honeycomb monocoque chassis that weighs a feather-like 100 kgs (220 lbs), overlaid with carbon-fiber body panels lined with Nomex. Sound space-age enough for a classic roadster? How about some Aerogel, a NASA-developed heat insulator being used in a roadgoing automobile for the first time. Each example is built to order, and customers can specify their choice of powertrain options between Jaguar-derived inline-six and V12 engines or a Corvette LS3 V8.

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