Green Circle Shopping Center by Hufft Projects

This 23,000 square foot shopping center in Springfield, Missouri was designed to be one of the most environmentally sustainable retail spaces in the United States. By using recycled materials, renewable energy in the form of photovoltaics, and extremely efficient mechanical systems that utilize the heat of the earth, Green Circle has become the first shopping center in the US to receive the rating of LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council. The design begins with the buildings location on the site. Instead of developing the site to the fullest and its most profitable potential, which would result in the demolition of over 40 trees, the building is sited in a way that will save most of the trees. This also provides a green space for the building tenants and customers to use for recreational purposes. The center also employs the latest strategies, technologies, and materials for sustainable design in order to make the building as efficient and environmentally cognizant as possible.


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